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Specialty hardware for luggage, shoe, case and trunk repair, manufacturing, design and restoration
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Specialty hardware for costume,clothing,re-enactment designers,manufacturers and repairOhio Travel Bag Catalog P214
Ohio Travel Bag
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Zippers & Apparel Hardware.
For manufacturing, design, repair & alterations.

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Ohio Travel Bag is a leading supplier of zippers, zipper components and zipper care products. If you are making or repairing handbags, jackets, clothing, jeans, costumes, boots, tents, sleeping bags, boat covers, tarps, or anything that uses a zipper, we are your best wholesale source. We feature YKK zippers and components, and stock Vislon, coil and metal zippers, zipper chain, sliders and stops in all sizes. Bomber jacket and motorcycle jacket zippers are very popular, and we stock them in many sizes. You can also find a large variety of fashion zippers for handbags, boots and small leather goods.
Zippers and Apparel hardware including snaps,YKK zippers,buttons,snaps,fasteners,conchos,rivets

If you are doing zipper repairs, you need more than just zippers & zipper parts. Ohio Travel Bag offers specialty zipper repair tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Your customers will love our Zipper Ease, Zip Care and E-Z Snap zipper care products that keep their zippers running smoothly. For your convenience, Ohio Travel Bag has put together several organized zipper slider assortments, as well as a top and bottom zipper stop assortment.

Our best selling zipper repair product is the Zipper Fixer™, which is the fastest and easiest way to repair a broken or missing zipper pull tab. Their ergonomic design makes them especially easy to grab onto, so many people have been replacing perfectly good pulls with the Zipper Fixer™ to make their sliders easier to grasp. With the addition of the new Jumbo size Zipper Fixer™, they are now available in three sizes to be used on any application.

Costume & apparel designers, love Ohio Travel Bag’s large selection of quality snaps and fasteners. Whether you need snaps for garments, belts, jackets or leather goods, we have a fastener for your application. Ohio Travel Bag stocks Prym parallel spring snaps in many sizes and finishes, as well as standard ligne 20 snap fasteners and ligne 24 snap fasteners. Our line of buttons are solid brass and made in the U.S.A. Our selection includes jean buttons, overall buttons and button fly buttons. In addition to the buttons we also carry overall clips that attach the straps to the overall buttons along with a line of suspender clips and strap adjusters.

In addition to all of the functional items, we feature hundreds of decorative ornaments, conchos, rivets and spots for embellishing your products.

Zippers & Apparel Hardware from Ohio Travel Bag.

Ohio Travel Bag, Putting Customer First since 1908

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Coiled zipper chain YKK zipper slider Vislon zipper YKK slider and stops for repair and alterations zipper care products
Snap fasteners. Buttons Conchos for adding your own style to your clothing and accessories Jean buttons and overall buttons. Suspender clips and adjusters.
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