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Ohio Travel Bag’s line of handbag hardware and fashion hardware offers fashion as well as function.

Purse frames used in clutches are making a huge comeback recently. Many handbags use hardware as a major design element, not just for functionality but for fashion as well. Hardware including zippers are available in a wide selection of finishes and colors to match. Specialty high quality hardware for designers, manufacturers and repair. Including handbag hardware, purse hardware, fashion hardware and accessory hardware. any style, material or color. You may want a vintage looking antique brass swivel snap for your casual weekender bag or shiny golf rings on a pastel colored leather tote for summer. Designers and manufacturers worldwide rely on Ohio Travel Bag for purchasing studs, ornaments, eyelets, grommets, purse chain, twist catches, handle loops and so much more.

From the functional to the fashionable, fashion and accessory designers are sure to find the hardware they need at Ohio Travel Bag. From snaps and zippers to spikes, studs and grommets, Ohio Travel Bag has the hardware that you are looking for. More and more fashion hardware is being used not just on belts, but also on shirts, shirts, pants, jackets and dresses.

Ohio Travel Bag offers a selection of high quality Italian handbag hardware and components, great for the high-end handbag, fashion or accessory designer. Unique hardware can set your creations apart.

Specialty purse hardware can be made to your specifications, even with your logo displayed. Our long standing relationships with our factories make the process easy and affordable.

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