Hardware, Parts and Components and OEM Repair Parts.
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FASTENERS, TOOLS AND DIES: Pages 9 - 33 Read More...png dow arrow
  Boot Hooks, Copper Rivets, Eyelets, Grommets, Hole Punches, Hook & Loop, Jean Buttons, Jiffy Rivets, Kilt Pin, Leather Buttons, Overall Buttons, Rhinestone Rivets, Pins, Rivet Tools, Pop Rivets & Tools, Split Rivets, Screws, Screw Posts, Setting Machines & Dies, Snap Fasteners (All Kinds), Trunk Nails and Tacks, Tubular Rivets, Washers. Close up arrow
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HANDBAG, LUGGAGE, TRUNK & BRIEFCASE HARDWARE: Pages 34 - 111 Read More...down arrow
  Beaded Key Chain, Bottom Studs, Card Holders, Catches, Channels, Clamps, Clips, Collar Buttons, Conchos, Combination Locks, Combination Padlocks, Corners, Console Locks, Dowels, Drawbolts, Facile Frames & Accessories,
Flap Locks, French Snaps, Garment Bag Hooks, Handle Loops and Pins, Hanger Brackets, Hasps Only, Hinges, Jewelry Making Supplies, Key Assortment and Keys, Key Locks, Key Case Hardware, Key Plates, Magnetic Snaps, Money Clips, Music Case Locks, Padlocks, Partition Dividers, Portfolio and Purse Locks, Purse Catches, Press Studs, Purse Fasteners, Push Pin Buttons, Ring Binders, Screw-in Studs, Snap Fasteners, Tools, Trunk Locks, Spikes, Spots, Stays, Strap Buckles, Tuck Locks and Catches, Turn Locks and Turns Only, Zipper Bag Locks. Close up arrow
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WHEELS, VERTICAL LUGGAGE PARTS: Pages 112 - 123 Read More...down arrow
  Axles, Corner Protectors, External Wheel/Corner Combinations, In-Line Skate Wheels, Luggage Wheels, Pull Handle Wheel/Systems, Tube Sets, Wheel Housings. Close up arrow
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RINGS, SNAPHOOKS, SLIDES, TACK HARDWARE: Pages 124 - 165 Read More...down arrow
  Beaded Key Chain, Dee Rings (Split, Solid & Welded), Double Dee Rings, Double Snaps, Halter Rings, Hook and Chain Assembly, Lead Chains, Panic Snaps, Rectangular Rings (Split, Solid & Welded), Rigid Snaps, Rings with Removable Pins, Round Rings (Split, Solid & Welded), S-Hooks, Slides, Split Key Rings, Spring Rings, Spring Sleeve, Snap and Dee Set, Swivel Snaps, Triangle Rings, Tack Hardware, Welded Rings. Closeup arrow
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Chain End Loops, Handle Ends and Hooks, Leather Lacing, Leather Strapping, Purse Chain & Handles, Purse Eyelets, Purse Strap Adjusters and Tips, Pull Straps, Shoulder Straps, Vinyl Strapping. Closeup arrow
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BUCKLES - METAL AND PLASTIC, PLASTIC COMPONENTS: Pages 191 - 227 Read More...down arrow
  Birkenstock Buckles, Buckle Sets, “Doc Martin Style” Buckles, Dress Buckles, Jean Buttons, Locking Buckles, Plastic Buckles, Plastic Parts (Rings, Slides, Snaphooks, Cord Locks, Loops, Turn Locks, etc.), Roller Buckles, Sam Browne Buckles and Hardware, Shoe Buckles, Suspender Hardware, Web Buckles and Tips, Western Buckles. Closeup arrow
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TOOLS: Pages 228 - 252 Read More...down arrow
  Anvils, Awl and Hafts, Cement Pots, Cut Nippers, Drills and Bits, Glue Guns & Sticks, Hammers & Mallets, Heat Guns, Heel Pincers, Knives (All Kinds), Leather Working Tools, Metal Markers & Stamping Sets, Nail and Tack Pullers, Needles, Pliers, Pro Thermal Tools, Punches (All Kinds), Scissors and Shears, Sharpeners, Screwdrivers, Vise, Webbing, Hot Knife. Closeup arrow
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ZIPPERS and ZIPPERS SUPPLIES: Pages 253 - 269 Read More...down arrow
  Bomber Jacket Zippers, Closed End Zippers, Coverall Zipper, Handbag Zippers, Inner Coat Lining Zippers, Knit Cuffs & Bottoms, Pants Zippers, Reversible Zippers, Separating Jacket Zippers, Top and Bottom Stops, Two-Way Zippers, Water Resistant Zippers, Zipper Assortments, Zipper Chain, Zipper Lubricants, Zipper Pulls, Zipper Repair Kit, Zipper Sliders. Closeup arrow
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MISCELLANEOUS PARTS AND SUPPLIES: Pages 270 - 287 Read More...png down
  Adhesives, Baseball Glove Lacers, Birkenstock Supplies, Cover Material, Deodorizers, Edge Dye, Leather Dressings and Cleaners, Lining Material, Lint Lifters & Brushes, Moc Lacers, Money Clips, Nylon Cording, Plastic Bags, Purse Light, Ready-Made Straps, Rawhide and Leather Lacing, Shoulder Strap Pads, Stainless Steel Hardware, Storage Boxes, Straps (All Kinds), Thread, Vinyl Protectant, Webbing, Wallet Inserts. Closeup arrow
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NAME BRAND LUGGAGE HARDWARE: Pages 288 - 313 Read More...png down
  American Tourister, Atlantic Products, Hartmann, Lark, Samsonite, Travelpro, Zero-Halliburton. Closeup arrow
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CLOSEOUTS: Pages 314 - 315 Read More...png down
  Miscellaneous products. Closeup arrow
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LEATHER GOODS, TRAVEL & GIFT ITEMS Pages 317 - 341 Read More...down arrow
  Our line of fine leather goods and travel related items. Too many to list! Closeup arrow
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