Luggage Wheels and Case Wheels

spinner type luggage wheel and case wheel, spinner wheels are available in flush mount and corner mount styles

barrel style wheels. Great on new projects or for replacing worn and broken wheels. wheels with and without bearings luggage wheels with housing in-line skate wheels from 52mm - 98mm in different styles in-line skate wheels are available with or with out housings wheels with housing.  OEM luggage wheels, samsonite wheels, Travel Pro wheels, Zero-haliburton wheels

Ohio Travel Bag stocks a large variety of wheels for luggage, bags and other cases. With our selection of luggage wheels you are sure to find the correct replacement wheel for your repair or the correct one for your new project. Our selection of luggage wheels includes OEM wheels from manufactures such as Samsonite, Atlantic Products, Travel Pro and Zero-Halliburton.

Our selection of wheels includes all major styles such as in-line skate wheels with and without housings, spinner wheels that can be corner or flat mounted, heavy duty treaded wheels great for bags being pulled over un-pathed terrain, caster wheels for heavy duty cases along with several other types of wheels.

In-line skate wheels are some the most popular luggage wheels being used today. Our selection of in-line skate wheels ranges from 51mm to 98mm, in several different styles. All of these in-line skate wheels come with ball bearings.

Our selection of luggage wheels with housings range from housings that can be flush mounted to a side or bottom, corner mounted housings and wheel housings meant to be mounted inside of the case.

Our line of brand name OEM luggage wheels are meant as direct replacements for repair of wheels on the manufacturers luggage. Our selection features wheels for luggage from brands such as Samsonite, Atlantic Products, Travel Pro and Zero-Halliburton.

Ohio Travel Bag's luggage and case wheel selection, the right wheels you need to keep rolling along.

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Zero-Halliburton Freerollers spinner wheelAtlantic Products spinner wheel