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bamboo purse handle

rope style leather handbag handle leather strapping to make your own purse straps purse chain for hanldes available in several different styles handbag chain for hanldes available in several different styles
chain for handbag handles and purse handles. high quality steel and solid brass chains
Ohio Travel Bag carries a complete line of handbag handles and purse handles to suit your repair, manufacturing or design needs. From leather purse strapping and purse chain that allow you to make your own handles to suit your needs, to pre-made leather rope handles and bamboo purse handles that look great and install easily, Ohio Travel Bag has what you need.

Leather purse strapping is made of top quality leather on both sides. All sides are turned in, not raw edged. Our purse strapping is available in flat and tubular styles in a wide variety of widths and colors. These leather purse straps can be cut to whatever length is needed.

Leather rope handles are available in a 13in, 14in, 18in and 22in lengths. These handles come with either brass rings or sew-on/rivet-on ends for attaching to your handbag. These handbag handles are available in a variety of colors.

Our selection of bamboo handles are hand made from natural bamboo and each bamboo handle is unique. These handbag handles come in several sizes with and without mounting rings.

Purse chain makes a great handle for handbags and purses. Ohio Travel Bag stocks 17 different styles of purse chains, made of either steel or solid brass in a wide variety of finishes.

The purse and handbag handle selection, one more way Ohio Travel Bag is helping you to exceed your customer's expectations.

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