Garment Bag Door Hooks
Garment Bag Hanger Brackets & Wally Locks®

garment bag hardware, garment bag door hook available in several styles and finishes. Fit most any door.

Garment bag hook, clip on and rivet-on styles are available. Garment bag hanger bracket. Available in different styles and sizes, single and double clamping brackets available Wally Lock ® hanger bracket. Featuring a rubber grooved bracket that will grip any household hanger.

With Ohio Travel Bag's complete line of garment bag hardware you will find everything that you need to repair, design and manufacture garment bags. From door hooks to hanger brackets and Wally Lock® hanger clamps, Ohio Travel Bag has the hardware that you need.

Garment bag hooks are available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Our selection of garment bag hooks are available with either clip on ends to clip to your own mounting hardware, or with rivet-on mounting hardware included. These garment bag door hooks are specifically designed to allow the garment bag to hang most anywhere!

Garment bag hanger brackets go inside the garment bag to securely clamp in clothes hangers. Our selection of garment bag brackets are available in several different styles and sizes. We carry both single and double clamping hanger brackets. The double clamp hanger bracket has two brackets that open and close independently from a unique side lever. Foam lined brackets strongly grips any kind of household hanger!

Our selection of garment bag hanger brackets includes the famous Wally Lock® hanger bracket that features rubber grooved brackets that allow you to use any common household hanger without worrying about the garment hanger falling out of the bracket to the bottom of the bag. These Wally Locks® are available in two sizes and three different finishes each.

Garment bag hardware, one more way Ohio Travel Bag is helping you to exceed your customers expectations.

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