Zipper Repair Parts, Tools and Lubricants

Sliders, Pull Tabs, Top and Bottom Stops

Zipper Fixer™ pull tab replacement.  Quick and easy repair, replace a missing zipper tab within seconds.

Full line of zipper repair parts. Zipper slidders from size 2.5 to 10 for vislon,nylon and metal teeth.  Bottom stops in a variety of sizes and finishes. Zipper lubricants protect zippers from the elements and assure free and easy zipper movement. Zipper repacement parts. Zipper slidder from size 2.5 to 10 for vislon,nylon and metal teeth.  Top stops in a variety of sizes and finishes. Complete zippers for totally replacing an old zipper.  Available in several sizes, colors and types. Zipper slider repair pliers. Made to properly loosen or tighten zipper sliders to the correct tolerance.

Need to fix a broken zipper or a stuck zipper? Ohio Travel Bag offers a full line of zipper repair parts from entire zippers to zipper sliders, zipper top stops, zipper bottom stops and pull tab replacements. We carry a variety of zipper cleaners and zipper lubricants to extend the life of your zippers and assure their smooth operation. Zipper tools help you repair or replace zipper parts correctly.

Zipper Fixer™ can be used to replace a missing zipper pull tab. Why use a paper clip or key ring as a pull for your zipper? The Zipper Fixer is a quick replacement pull tab for your zippers, it requires no tools and can be installed in about 30seconds! The Zipper Fixer™ is available in both bulk for repair shops and packaged for resale to your customers. It is a great item for travel stores and kiosks, it also a great alternative to a standard zipper pull for people with arthritis and other ailments that make it hard for them to grasp a standard zipper pull tab.

When you need to replace the parts on your zipper, zipper sliders, zipper top stops and zipper bottom stops are available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and zipper types. We carry a full line of zippers and parts from size 2.5 to 10, for zippers with vislon, nylon and metal teeth. Our zipper sliders are also available in a variety of styles including short tab, long tab, double tab and reversible.

Our zipper slider assortment and zipper top and bottom stop assortment are great for repair shops. With a large selection of sizes, styles and finishes all in a convenient, labeled, compartment style box, you are sure to have what you need on hand for your customer's repair needs at your finger tips. Zlideon© is an innovative new product at Ohio Travel Bag that quickly allows you to replace a zipper slider without having to remore and replace the zipper stops.

When you really need to replace the entire zipper, Ohio Travel Bag carries a complete line. Sizes range from 2.5 to 10, in pre-cut lengths of various sizes to continuous zipper tape that can be cut to your specifications. Our zippers have teeth made of vislon, nylon and metal. Our selection of replacement zippers includes a wide variety of zipper tape colors and teeth finishes. Our zippers are from quality manufactures such as YKK, Dunlap Zipper and Talon Zippers.

Zipper cleaners and zipper lubricants help to extend the life of your zippers. Many zippers start to stick after being exposed to water, sand or heat. We have a cleaners and lubricants for all types of zippers that will insure smooth running zippers that don't get stuck.

Ohio Travel Bag's line of zipper tools are intended to make working on zippers much easier. Our zipper slider tool in a great example of our tool offerings. Many zippers stop working because the zipper slider body loosens up over time and the zipper teeth then will not go together properly, or the body gets jammed together and will not move at all. This tool is specifically designed to evenly loosen or tighten the zipper slider to regain the proper alignment of the zipper slider body restoring the functionality.

Zipper repair parts , one more way Ohio Travel Bag is helping you to exceed your customers expectations.

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